Pontiac Solstice GXP was the engine Opel


Pontiac Solstice was the engine Opel
Mark's Pontiac, which is part of General Motors, presented another version of the Roadster, Solstice GXP, which will appear in early autumn. Spectacular 2-seat car has 260-horsepower engine Ecotec 2-liter turbo, similar to that used on some Opel models in Europe. By the way, have already been created for racing version of the Solstice GXP, where horsepower easily brought to 500 hp
But the most interesting in the Solstice GXP - a price - from 25 995 dollars. For comparison, 240-horsepower Porsche Boxster is not less than 56 thousand. Of course, Porsche - is a legend, but when the price difference is so large it is not surprising that demand for the Solstice outstrips supply.
In six months, American Pontiac dealers sold more than 15 thousand roadsters and this despite the fact that the machine is reputed absolutely not practical. According to the sellers from all visitors to Pontiac dealers 20% comes only in order to look at this car, and possibly buy it. And it provided that the Pontiac Solstice has until recently been available only with the atmospheric engine of 2.4 liters.