Pontiac Catalina part 6



1969 Pontiacs received a major restyling with a few extra square of sheet metal (though not as much as similar cars from other parts of GM) and finish. However, the basic 1965 chassis, the internal structure of the body and four-door sedan roof pillars have been retained, although vent windows were dropped on all models and Safari wagons got a new rear door are two ways that can be opened in the direction of the door or down the back door - similar in design, which was presented to Ford Motor Company to Ford / Mercury cars in 1966. Catalina also received a one-inch wheelbase increase to 122.

The variable steering ratio was a new option this year, and front disc brakes will be automatically enabled when the power brake option was ordered.

Engine power consists of a standard 290-horsepower 400-Two Smoking Barrels (with or without additional fuel cost of regular 265-horsepower 400 Turbo Hydramatic transmission), 330-horsepower 400 four barrel, 370-horsepower 428 four barrel, 428 HO Power 390 horses. Standard three-speed manual gearbox and optional three-speed Turbo Hydramatic was continued as before, but a four-speed manual transmission with Hurst was excluded from the list of options.

All full-size Pontiacs, including Pontiac Catalina, got a new Grand Prix, as the V-nose grille for 1970, along with the "horns of the ports on the updated interface and new tail lamps are installed in the rear bumper. Catalina sedans and coupes come standard now less 255 - 350-horsepower-cubic-inch Pontiac V8 as standard equipment with optional engines, including the previously standard 400 Two Smoking Barrels capacity of 265 and 290 horsepower (still on standard convertibles and Safari wagons), 330 - 400 horsepower four trunk, and two versions of the new 455-cubic-inch V8 with 360 hp (270 kW) or 370 horses with "no." As in past years, three-speed manual transmission with column shift standard equipment, but most cars were equipped with optional three-speed Turbo Hydramatic. It is also proposed for 1970, but rarely order was two-speed automatic transmission, Turbo Hydramatic 300, which was available with the 350 V8.