Pontiac. History. Part 2


Started the company as such, with founded in 1893 by Edward M. Murphy in Pontiac firm "Pontiac Buggy". At first the company manufactured carriages.

In 1907 he published the first car company, and in November 1908, Edward Murphy, registers it as "Oakland Motor Car Company. In 1909, GM acquired the company. In 1926, "Oakland" and "Pontiac" are two different brands, and then the company becomes known as the "Pontiac Motor Division". In 1933, CEO Harry had Klinger, the company released updated models with 6-cylinder engine and equipped with independent suspension.

Issue 1935 coupe Pontiac Silver Streak («Pontiac Silver Streak", literally "Silver Flash") has surpassed all expectations and predictions proved so successful that it raised the question of expansion of the enterprise.

In 1953, first saw the light of models with a body "Hardtop". Auto companies from this time begin to be equipped with power steering. In 1958 he began pilot production of the engine with mechanical fuel injection system.

Construction Coupe Pontiac GTO in 1967 became a tradition for all cars of this type. These vehicles are very often emerged victorious during the Hollywood race. For the first time this coupe was released in 1967. In the same year began to be made sports model «Firebird», the same type with «Chevrolet Camaro».

In 1971 the company presented a compact model «Ventura».

After 2, the production model of «Grand Am». The new generation model was presented in Detroit in January 1998. Available in two variants of the body - four-door sedan and two-door coupe.

In 1978 - 1980, respectively, during the world energy crisis, the company General Motors decided to produce fuel-efficient vehicles with low fuel consumption. As a result, in 1984 left the assembly line model of the Pontiac Fiero, sports coupe ("Pontiac Fiero").

Pontiac Bonneville, a car with front-wheel drive, transverse engine layout, luxury. It was first presented in autumn 1986, a new generation - in February 1999.

Firebird, a sports car type, was first introduced in December 1992. Made with two different bodies - three-door coupe and two-door convertible.

In the early 1990's is a smooth transition to the production of new front-wheel models. In 1995, the debut of «Sunfire». In 1996 started production of the second generation OLA «Trans Sport».

In 2000 at an exhibition in Detroit was a model of Piranha Concept - a four-Front wheel drive coupe, sliding door hardware. Rear door leaned back, turning the Piranha in the sport pickup truck.

"Pontiac", having lost its administrative and legal autonomy, still played a special role in the Group General Motors: office "Pontiac" was positioned as "youth". The company within the group still continued to produce sports cars. Continued to be produced such famous models as the Sunfire, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Bonneville and Trans Sport. Embedded in production by 2000 Aztek was awarded the title "the Most ugly" car world according to British newspaper The Sun [1].

April 24, 2009 GM officially announced the discontinuation of the car «Pontiac» and the elimination of trade mark by the year 2010 [2] [3].

November 25, 2009 the assembly line in the village of Orion, Mich., went past a car with these nameplates - Pontiac G6 sedan