Pontiac. History. Part 3


Pontiac, high-spirited friend of American students, was originally conceived in GM as a cheap "appendage" to Oakland - one of the first stamps, amounting to General Motors. However, the Pontiac brand flashed back in 1893 in behalf of the company Pontiac Buggy, Edward Murphy, the post-carriages. The name was chosen by the name of the town Pontiac in Michigan, where the enterprise is located. In 1907 the company was renamed in Oakland, started producing cars.

Third January 1926 Pontiac Motor Division was allocated from Oakland, and the public with its affordable 6-cylinder model with a two-door and dors body. The emblem of the new brand was the leader of the tribe profile Huron-Ottawa Pontiac, in whose honor once, and was named the city.

They say this lovely Indian in the XVIII century took many scalps with rowdy British heads.

With the new model, and especially c its price at GM got to the point: already in 1928 sold 200 thousands "Pontiac". Alas, for the "parent" brand Oakland successes Pontiac had fatal consequences: in 1931 from the production of "Auckland» GM was forced to withdraw because of a raging depression customers consistently chose less expensive Pontiac.

The following years at Pontiac diligently polished design. By the mid 30's the buyer could choose a complete set with a new six-or eight-engine (as, for example, the Economy Eight). There was independent suspension and hydraulic brakes, and on models such as the Standard Six and DeLuxe Six, buyers could choose the nine variants the body. It is tempting to lower prices for "Pontiac", wavering between $ 585 and $ 710, were appreciated by the grim thirties.

The success of the coupe Pontiac Silver Streak in 1935 gave us new impetus, and soon the pre-crisis peak of sales was strongly overcome. In 1941, Pontiac came to 282 thousand cars sold. At the same time permanently entrenched and style of "Indian" - the rapidity and predatory stress on the radiator.

All of the fifties Pontiac regularly contributed to the flow of cruise mastadontov. On models appeared automatic transmission, body hardtop, power steering. However, the global breakthroughs firm has not done until the head of the design department of Pontiac was not torn fresh blood in the person of John De Loreana (John DeLorean), had just left Packard. And then it started this mess.

America fifties clearly had saved a respectable glamor something spontaneous, and advanced head like De Loreana and Lee Iacocca understood. With the advent of the 60's author and cultivator winged Detroit "Baroque" chief designer of General motors Harley Earl left his post - in styling a new era. Wind of change required to give a massive car speed, selfishness and sweeping lines - on the way were "baby boomers", the children of soldiers of the Second World, ready to double the demand. They yearned for a new car:

pontovuyu, but cheap, sporty, but the daily, a European, but American. Cars for two, young, well-fed, nepuganyh that place of freedom and love.

The answer to the social order embodied in a whole tribe of "Indians»: Tempest, Firebird and spiritual head of the gang - Coupe Pontiac GTO 1967. By the late 60's Pontiac was one of the three most powerful brands on sale in the U.S., along with Chevrolet and Ford. And though the true connoisseurs, not without reason like to make fun of pop "sports» GTO, this car is the happiness of tens of thousands of road bullies from Fargo to Arizona.

The rapidity, rapacity, and orientation on the wrong guys, these Indians were branded feature deloreanovskogo generation Pontiac, that like Hollywood 70: One of the most exciting racing movies of that time was a dizzying rally under the overpass subway, made Jean Hekmenom detective in "The French Connection" on Pontiac LeMans. "Breathing in the tail" on the popularity of the legendary Mustang, and before hooked on the same wave of youth, GTO was no less loved. Passing on an inheritance to the next generation, he survived the years and miraculously shone crumpled sides in the company of any suspicious persons 90 - from the merchant's stupidity of the movie "The Faculty" to the bald-headed savior of the world "XXx» (Pontiac GTO Vin Diesel clearly took a lot of James Bond car).

Everything is logical: what kid has not dreamed at least once to remove the scalp with the school principal.

Of course, the style of "Pontiac" new wave imprint of donors of the De Loreana, forty Mota, a player, a rebel, a dreamer. He himself in 1973 with the scandal left GM and later launched its own sports car production at their own firm. One of them was converted into Spielberg in "time machine" from "Back to the Future".

Grasping to gasoline seventies slowed Pontiac, but not for long. Already in 1984, the office was a pleasant surprise Autoworld advanced rear-Pontiac Fiero sports car with polymer body panels. Since that time, Pontiac had not given any religious predator. Last year he died, John De Lorean, it seemed, under the pen sverhuspeh "Pontiac" will not heal, but then flared up Pontiac Solstice: novelty in a flash built in a queue of young, amazing imagination of their own spirit, and making part if not the scalp, then at least with purse. Indians settle down, but do not surrender.
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