Pontiac Solstice: The leader of the Redskins


Pontiac Solstice
American car brand Pontiac appeared in 1926 in the Concern General Motors. Firstborn Pontiac Chief presented to the public at an auto show in New York. The name "Pontiac" is borrowed in U.S. history - the so-called leader of a tribe of American Indians, led a revolt against the British colonialists. Pontiac Cars have become popular thanks to a reliable 40-strong 6-cylinder engine. Already during the first 6 months of the stamps have been sold 39 thousand copies of the model Chief, and in 1927 the car took 6 th place in the list of most sold in the U.S.. In 1936 the company released the millionth car. Today Pontiac manufactures a wide range of models: sedan G8, G6 and G5, G6 coupe and convertible, and Solstice, hatchbacks G3 and Vibe, as well as SUV Torrent. However, in accordance with the program of restructuring of General Motors Pontiac brand will cease to exist in late 2010. Compact Pontiac Solstice roadster first shown as a concept at the 2002 auto show in Detroit, and the first 1000 copies of the production model was ready for April 15, 2005. In fact, it has been adapted for the American market model of Opel GT (see "AC» № 8'2007). Initially the car was fitted with a 4-cylinder petrol engine volume of 2.4 liter capacity of 177 liters. with. and two 5-step manual to choose from - "automatic" or "mechanics". Later, a new 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that develops 260 hp. with. Twin rear wheel drive roadster supplemented last year with the coupé version.