Pontiac Solstice. People`s Roadster


Pontiac Solstice. Roadster people
The compact roadster for the average American. Presented a metal trough with 4 wheels and speedometer marked out to 250? Popular baby Pontiac Solstice is not so. It is hardly a mediocre machine can for several years is among the top sellers of its segment.

People roadster is that?
Outside ooh and ah, in Bravissimo, but on the road just super. These epithets are usually awarded by Italian racers, thoroughbred Englishmen or Germans. But tens of thousands of Americans (and not only) have long known that for less money you can buy a good roadster, which also have enough enthusiastic cheers.
Initially equipped with the new Pontiac Solstice 4-cylinder petrol engine volume of 2.4 liter capacity of 175 liters. pp. and two 5-step manual to choose from - "automatic" or "mechanics". Later, a new 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that develops 260 hp. pp. And then double rear wheel drive roadster since 2009 and is available in versions with coupé.
Salon Solstays seems more and more spacious than its competitors. And this feeling intensifies the dash, far removed from the driver. It placed great wells of the speedometer and tachometer, ascetic cassette player with radio. You just get used to the three large round buttons control systems of heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Do Roadster Pontiac comfortable seats, excellent overview, and noise from the wind or tire almost bored. Truth and weaknesses noticed almost immediately: the angle of inclination of seats exhibited a tight grip, and the trunk is very small. In addition, the rise of the top is impossible to complete until you get out of the car and to snap back, you need to make some effort.
What's up on the road, here in the light of prices and class to the Solstice virtually no complaints. Pontiac especially cumbersome platform in comparison with the previous generation, that it becomes more quiet and stable. Now the vibration of the hood at speeds of 150 km / h or more, you will not notice, the chassis is resistant to any surface. Ukrainian pit, you will likely feel, but we expect from roadster soft suspension business-class sedan is meaningless. The shifter is made in sporty style with a little speed, but easy to maneuver. The main thing is that the machine is very manoeuvrable - Solstice obey even the narrow mountain and forest roads.

It is what we need!
Solstice - a great car for long journeys under the scorching sun. Ah, how good shoot at such in Odessa, to the sea. Confused only price in Ukraine - the gray dealers, it is not varnished, as in distant America.