Pontiac Solstice Review


Pontiac Solstice
Lightweight and compact two-seater, which will compete Convertible Mazda MX-5. But the irresistible love of Americans for huge 8-cylinder engines and are prevailed. Under the hood of Solstice appeared spectacular 6-liter V8 from the Corvette power of 400 hp

With such a charge Solstice can fly up to heaven, dispersed from their seats to "hundreds" for only 4.2 seconds.
One of the first task faced by designers Corporation General Motors, was the creation of "sexual concept" to the auto show in Detroit: "But not a regular hybrid with navigation system and radar-range-finder. To everyone's surprise, only four months remaining before the show such a concept has been built - two-seat roadster Pontiac Solstice. And not some sort of model, but this running prototype, which he left the podium ...

Rates Solstice, in translation: solstice, a point for two main reasons. First, the key word - for designers, not engineers, analysts, economists, as it was previously. Secondly, the car is almost entirely made up of units and parts are already available to the corporation.

In the Solstice used compact platform Delta, it was a little blood to remake a rear-wheel drive. Engine - a series EcoTec 4, the volume of 2.2 liters. The motor supplied with a mechanical supercharger, with whom he develops power 240 hp Six-speed manual transmission Borg-Warner borrowed from Corvette, the steering - a Subaru WRX ...