Pontiac Beaumont

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Beaumont Drive featured Chevrolet-train and General Motors officials. They were the version of the Chevrolet Chevelle with a dashboard similar to the Pontiac GTO and sold to the Canadian market. Although they were sold through dealers Pontiac, little mention of Pontiac nameplate in the booklet manual or instructions.

In 1968, only 708 Beaumont SD hardtops have been created which is relatively rare and highly collectible. Equipped with 396-cubic-inch engine V8, a car produced between 325 and 350 horsepower.

To avoid the tariffs imposed by the Government of Canada, the GM made a few cars with Canadian content, which were distinctly Canadian. Big Pontiacs there looked like Pontiacs, but were built on the chassis of a Chevy and Chevy engines, the names were distinctly Canadian, such as the Laurentian, Parisienne, and the layered-Chief. Medium cars like Chevelles but Pontiac brands, how to divide the grid, they were called the Beaumonts. By 1970, the trade laws were relaxed, unique Beaumont became superfluous and was terminated.

Seller dealers Pontiac, since 1964, Beaumonts by their style, which was under the influence of the trademark split lattice Pontiac. SD (Sport Deluxe, NOT Super Duty) was high on-line version of Beaumont, which was launched in the high line Acadian. Sports Deluxes initially included the same engines as the American Chevelle, but since 1967, they were similar to Chevelle SS396, however, SD396 does not offer the 396/375, as well as its American counterpart.

This car has spent his life in Ottawa, Ontario before moving to Buffalo, New York area a few years ago, where he underwent a six-year restoration. Only 66 Beaumont SD396 convertibles were built in 1967, and none of them were sold new in the United States. This is Pontiac? This Chevelle? Ask a poncho or a Chevy fan and you can get a different answer!