Pontiac fiero gt


The brightest legend of the New World was "born" in 1964, and almost immediately won the lion's share of sports cars. His appearance Pontiac fiero gt obliged 39-year general manager Lee Yakoke, who at one time fully responsible American ideas about sports car. The birth of this development took place against the background of failures of concern Pontiac. The company had huge losses due to the failure model Edsel, making it clear that any forward-looking market research - business, if not rotten, then the loss-making for sure. But to correct the situation in some way was needed. Therefore, was soon assembled a team of designers, engineers, economists and marketers, which should have resolved the problem and build a "rescue" car. Initially developed a social address of the machine and its image. According to available information, the buyer wanted to see further development of ideas Thunderbird, but in a more democratic sector. As a starting point took the sport versions «Monya» economical "Chevrolet Corvair." Composition of the bulk of the body decided to borrow from the Lincoln Mark II, which had an extremely dynamic silhouette thanks to a very long hood and a shortened trunk. Aggressive note in the design of the car created a narrow, resembling a knife blade bumpers, predatory nose car "Maserati", as well as deep-set into a niche grille with a figure running the "Mustang". Incidentally, the title - as it turned out, during the development machine wore quite a different name - «Cougar» (Panther) and had the appropriate figure on the radiator: muscular cat in profile. And the name «fiero gt» was preferred only before starting the machine in the series. That's it.