Pontiac solstice preço

Pontiac solstice preço was carried out in a body fastback. The model was based on the midsize Coronet platform, and apart from the fashionable body sported hidden headlamps, cabin suites and bucket seats. The standard engine was a 318-cid V8, but most buyers chose the optional 383rd, capacity 335 hp But the main merit Charger that under his hood put the most famous "beefy" motor 426 HEMI, accelerates the car from standstill to 60 miles for 6.4 seconds and allows you to overcome the quarter mile in 14.16 seconds. Official documents reported that the 426 HEMI produces 425 hp, but the power is, of course, was higher than 500 forces, as higher insurance powerful engines forced manufacturers understate their characteristics. In 1967 the design remained the same, but in the range of added 440 Magnum engine power 375 hp, which has become the standard for modifying the R / T and the biggest engine of the corporation. Magnum was a cheaper 426-th HEMI, provided the same dynamic quality and is easier to be modified, but still inferior to him on the racetrack.

In 1968 the company underwent a radical redesign: a new body with a "muscular" contours, a new grille, as before concealing lights and a minimum of chrome. Sales increased almost six-fold compared with last year - customers appreciate the new look of Pontiac solstice preço. The following year saw little change in design: four round tail lights were replaced with flat square, front marker lights have also changed from round to rectangular, and the center of the grille insert with chrome appeared fake air inlets. In 1970 he became a chrome front grille, and the changed contours of the body at the rear of the car. Version of R / T manned fake air intake, added two new colors - plum crazy "and" Mango ". There was luxury SE version with leather interior and sunroof - a rare and a new option at the time. The range of engines was quite rich, there were 440 Six Pack, 440 Magnum, and of course HEMI, which was upgraded and got hydraulic valve lifters.