Pontiac solstice mallet


On the American tuning show SEMA, Tuner Mallett is going to present something special, which has 560 horses under the hood and "faced with" a specific body-kit. This Pontiac Solstice, which tuner Mallett chose to fly their ideas, the result of which is obvious and striking. Immediately it is worth noting the serial chetyrehtselindrovuyu diesel filling models, which fell tuner is simply not to your taste and compare the market competitors, and of course from a special respect for a "favorite", tuner integrated so "free" place a powerful 560-horsepower V8-silovik used in models of Corvette. The result on the face! "Weaving" at such modest mass is less than four seconds and a top speed of more than 300 km / h. The latter should be added that such high-speed performance, the tuner has been achieved and due to specific body kit, elements of which were manufactured in fiberglass (as an alternative, provided the elements and carbon). Shestichastichny "designer", which includes four extensions to the wheel arches, front and rear spoiler is offered at a price of 18,000 dollars. Officially, Mallett Pontiac Solstice will be presented at SEMA tuning show, and only then will go on sale in a small limited edition