Pontiac Catalina part 3



1961 full-sized Pontiacs were completely restyled with more square bodylines, reintroduction of a split grille first seen in 1959 and has declined over 1960 and an all-new feature-Box perimeter frame with side rails instead of "X" chassis used since 1958. The new frame not only provides more side impact protection than the "X" design, but also improved interior roominess.

Finishing was a square with a four-door models with styling six windows fell on the columns of sedans and wider rear rack with a flat rear glass on a four-door hardtops. A revised version of 1959-60 "bubbletop" roof was used on two-door hardtops. Wrap-around glasses were dropped in favor of flat glass to make efforts to expand the input and output for the front seats.

The new body was a bit smaller and lighter than the 1960 model with a wheelbase down by three inches (76 mm) to 119, the total length is reduced by up to 210 in (5300 mm) and width is reduced by almost two inches to 78.2 80 in (2032 mm) 1960. Front and rear track '61-62 Pontiac was reduced to 62.5 in (1590 mm) front and rear. New '61 Pontiac was advertised as "All Pontiac ... On New broad gauge.

All the engines were again 389 cu in (6.4 liter) V8, as in previous years. Standard engines were two barrels of a power unit 215 HP (160 kW) with three-speed manual transmission or 267 hp (199 kW) with an additional Hydramatic, with 230 hp (170 kW) V8 regular fuel economy is offered as a no-cost option with the Hydramatic. Offered as extra cost options for a more powerful version of the 389, including 303 hp (226 kW) version with four-barrel carburetor or 318 hp (237 kW) Tri-Power option. For the first time on the options list are two more high-performance version of the 389, including four barrel 333 hp (248 kW) and 348 units of horsepower (260 kW) Tri-Power option, as with a higher compression ratio 10.75:1. 363 hp (271 kW) was invited to drag racers. At the end of the season '61 421 cu in (6.9 liter) Super Duty was released for sale.

The new three-speed Roto Hydramatic transmission replaced the previous four-speed unit for 1961. A new gearbox was thinner and lighter than the older four-speed Hydramatic, which was extended to the big stars and major Bonneville models. In addition, new for 1961 was four-speed manual transmission with Hurst floor shift, are available by special order.

1962 Pontiacs received heavy reconstruction in 1961 design with more rounded contours of the body and finishing at the new two-door convertible hardtops Featuring-like bows. Catalina sedans and coupes received a 1-inch (25 mm) wheelbase increase, after spending 1961 on the 119-inch (3.000 mm) length with a full-size Chevrolet "(Safari wagons retained the 119-inch (3.000 mm) wheelbase up to 1964 ).