Pontiac Catalina part 2



In 1959, Pontiac has refused entry-level models for the names of leaders, and changed its name to Catalina, while lowering the status of the former top-line Bonneville full plate and the expansion of the central line of stars, including the main flagship sedan, coupe, convertible wagon and Safari. In Catalina, Pontiac advertisements emphasized above, decorated with two more four-door hardtops, convertible and wagon Safari, instead of two and four car station, despite a four-door sedan version of the bread and butter The fact that the best-selling book series, inexpensive products. Catalina, although it is Pontiac, Chevrolet Impala is still in the paint and in the appointment, and only less Lesabre Buick, Oldsmobile 88 finishes and the appointment of important small step for step, but at about $ 100 to $ 200 at a lower cost at the lowest prices in the natural size. Catalina is also equipped with other facilities than the standard Chevrolet, which include a pair of three hundred eighty-nine cubic inches larger and more powerful engine V8, compared with the Chevrolet six-cylinder, 348 or 283 cubic inch engine V8. Chevrolet Pontiac also benefited from a better automatic transmission than their counterparts - the four-speed Hydra - Matic - the ratio of two-speed Powerglide Chevrolet Although the main Catalina good response, such as full carpeting, glove boxes and luggage light box with a dual function. Front ashtray and cigarette lighter, glove compartment snack bar (two on the glove box, open the disk for use in the restaurant is filled with cups), heater / defroster and choice of fabric and vinyl upholstery Morrokide or expand Morrokide (all vinyl finish), Pontiac buyers can add more ornaments a few dollars, order decorative Group, which will be fully hubcaps, deluxe steering wheel, pedals, chrome-plated decorative panels. Furthermore, the proposal from 1962 to 1970, most models were 卡塔利娜拉 Customs (which individual model in 1960 to 1961), including internal and external renovation to add value-added some luxury interior decorative fabric belt or similar Pang Diya Nemesis Morrokide year.Catalina expensive and depends on the chief executive and other 1959 Pontiac fully upgraded to the new GM B - a body that is common to all GM Cadillac Division from Chevrolet to replace the body and the use of previous Pontiac Chevrolet, which is only used in 1958. Style pressures, including rack-thin glass ornaments and to raise awareness of wider application. The four-door sedan in the style of the column is characterized by six square, nicknamed "bubbletop", because the thin pillars and large rear windows and a four-door hardtops and two-door hardtops function of word order hangs over the rear window. All models of the wheelbase remained at 122 inches, 213.7 inches (5430 mm) 0,1959 Pontiac new artistic style - the "split grille, which can easily be from any other cars on the road until the outstanding Pontiac 1996 / 7, when BMW began as a small lattice. Pontiac brand was an accident, when the design studio to learn the grille design. experimental practice, the entire width of the design, oval lattice with four horizontal lights, cut into two parts and half the seats. C Light remaining in the limbs, he gave heart disorders, on the Catalina 59. view, with a wider range of body came to a wide range of gear has been moved from five inches to the wing level, it not only improves the look of the car, but Pontiac engineers have found that the improvement has also led to a great ride and controllability of the aspirations of the wheel so the majority of the measure -. The term "the tiger in its advertising Pontiac approach leads to come.All that with the new Pontiac 389 cubic inch V8 engine trophy with different versions of hardware, which is basically stroked version of the model used in 1958 Pontiac Pontiac and V8 engine , the same design in 1955, 370 cubic-inch V8 to 3.75. Catalinas with 235 hp (175 kW) version of the standard 389 pairs of the carburetor and 8.6 to 1 compression in combination with three-speed manual transmission . If the four-speed Hydramatic transmission procedure, a standard engine that makes 280 hp (210 kW) version of the same engine more than the decrease of 10,5. As Hydramatic transmission without cost alternative to the 389 horsepower 215 (V8 engine the name of economy) with 8.6 to 1 compression, which burns on a regular basis than the premium and super-class rather than gasoline needed to fuel engines with high compression ratio is cheap, can be reached on the highway for more than 20 miles per gallon. on request at an additional cost of high-power engine with four-barrel 389 V8, 283 hp (211 kW), the evaporation speed manual transmission or Hydramatic, or 303 on the strength of the "three dynamic" three barrels of oil and two 318 and 330 and 345 hp. with. 4bbl rated three options authorities.For 1960, Pontiac Catalina, and others got new '59 full width of the level of the