Pontiac g4

Sinister squint headlights, low cover, ground clearance, which we merely squatting. Damn! He vcey its caller appearance screams: "I'm athletic and evil. I Pontiac g4 at number 5! "

Talk about emotions that we get from driving a Pontiac g4, still something to prove something obvious. Even the version with the smallest engine can bring a lot of fun.

Pontiac g4-th generation is considered to be reincarnation or a new outbreak in the evolution of the model, although previous generations, too, is hardly "fresh." And yet, the fifth Pontiac g4 became better. And popular. Largely thanks to the new 16-valve engine, which is so pleasant twist to the ringing. In particular, appeared in the line of motors 160-strong B16A c new, at that time, the system DOHC VTEC. Worth seeing, which makes this volcano under the bonnet with the Pontiac g4 weighing just less than a ton and a rebuilt chassis.