Pontiac GTO Histoty

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Pontiac GTO left the assembly line in 1964 and cut a red ribbon which opened the era of Muscle Car. It was an experiment, which started the great John DeLorean, who was then working at Pontiac. He presented as an option for the GTO Car Pontiac Tempest, in fact an improved version with a more powerful motor. De Lorian proposed sport tires, sharp steering, dual output, and a powerful V8 engine capacity of more than six liters, borrowed from a fellow on the conveyor belt - Pontiac Bonneville, which developed 350 hp In 1965, Tempest GTO got updated bodywork - a massive and sharp-cut, the lights were replaced by the horizontal position to vertical. In 1965, the 66-ies of the sale reached the level of nearly 100,000 cars a year - it was a record among implemented Muscle Cars for all 10 years of existence of these cars.

Pick up in the 1967 updated body, GTO asked another fashion - contours of the wings in the likeness of the bottle Coca-Cola. This design solution immediately began to use competitors. In 1968 GTO grasped the global restyling, actually got a completely different machine, which has little in common with the versions of 65-67-second period. Fastback body, the option in the form of retractable headlamps in the style of Dodge Charger, and a truly "muscular" appearance. But the main thing that the new GTO again introduced an innovative solution and set the fashion in the absence of the classic bumper. In 1969, the peak of popularity came Pontiac GTO, mainly due to the fact that there was a very powerful version, dubbed «The Judge». For her proposed four modifications V8 engine from 265 to 370 horsepower.

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In 1970 GTO again changed his body, then the general restyling occurred very frequently. But mostly it was here that: there was a truly "muscular" motor, with a crazy amount of 7.4 liters. During this period many Muscle Cars have become much heavier, including the GTO, so the engines grew in power, though not for long - the fuel crisis was not far off. Then there was an interesting option - Pneumatically exhaust system, whose meaning is that the button on the console, the driver can weaken the resistance in the production and thereby increase the power, and with it the noise level.

Since 1971, the year the popularity of Muscle Cars slowed down and even the 7.4-liter engine, which was placed on the base model GTO, has not helped. Corporation had a hard time sell 10 000 cars. In 1972, the leadership of General Motors decided to discontinue GTO as a separate model. The next three years to complete disappearance of GTO back to basics - became optional on models of Pontiac Tempest Le Mans, Le Mans Sport and Ventura. Sales also fell in proportion to 1974-th year, Muscle Cars disappeared as a rare species.