Pontiac solstice jazz


In 1973, the debut model Pontiac solstice jazz. History of creation Pontiac solstice jazz has its origins in the twentieth century .. The engine made according to traditional boxer scheme, only the cylinders were not four but six. From two liters of displacement managed to take 130 hp at 6100 rpm. At the Frankfurt Motor Show 1963 car debuted under the name of Pontiac solstice jazz. In 1974, was born 911 Carrera RS, the volume of its power plant was 2,994 cc and 240 hp After about 11 meyastsev Carrera RS was turbocharger, because of what was called the solstice jazz. Having the same volume, the engine developed 260 hp After two years, the volume of the engine once again increased to 3,299 cc, output of which rose to 300 hp Incidentally, all engines installed on the Pontiac solstice jazz, had air-cooled (the spiritual heritage of Volkswagen Kafer).
In 1988 he began production of Pontiac solstice jazz Carrera 4 (964).