Pontiac revives the DeLorean


Remember this mad cool car from the movie "Back to the Future." Here's a rarity - say you are. But not for nothing that we are reminded of the DeLorean. It's unbelievable brand cars Pontiac has not but ...

DeLorian Motor Company - is a dream come American dream. Designer John Zachary DeLorean created his first masterpiece as far back as Pockard, it was a totally new hydromechanical transmission Ultramatic. Then there was no less significant development in the design office of General Motors, which had been received about a dozen patents.

Thus, under the leadership of this man was designed by the most famous Pontiac GTO in 1964. Then followed a furious achievement in the world automotive industry. And in 2005, world giant, reported on the death of John DeLoreana. On this course all waiting for the end of car production DMC.

But recently, there were first swallows, that the company has decided to rise from the dead and to release one new model and this will be a new DeLorean. This coupe, two kinds of indoor and outdoor, news was that the hinged roof will weigh only 14 pounds. The car will be equipped with a 2.4 liter engine and manual or automatic five-speed gearbox. The remaining details were not disclosed, but expectations should be justified, because it is the same DeLorean from Pontiac!