Pontiac Firebird Part 2

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The Pontiac Firebird underwent a major restyling for the 1969 model year. The front end was redone and the rear end and interior were changed slightly. The redesign did not do well with customers, and sales fell, despite the fact that production lasted for 17 months, well into 1970 due to production problems with the 1970 model. The Ram Air 400 was renamed the Ram Air IV and had a slight increase in power. The 400 HO option was known as either the Ram Air, Ram Air II, or simply HO. It too received a slight increase in power. In March of 1969, Pontiac released a little publicized option package, the Trans Am Performance and Appearance Package. Conceived to campaign in the SCCA's road racing series (with a special 303 cubic inch V8 which was never offered in production cars), Pontiac paid a $5 license fee to SCCA for each Trans Am sold to use the name. Offered as a $725 option, only 689 Firebird coupes and 8 convertibles (talk about a collectible) were built. Although not appearent at the time, the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, along with the Chevrolet Corvette, would be the only American high performance cars that would remain in continuous production since their inception. The Trans Am came standard with the HO engine with Ram Air (also called the Ram Air III). The only engine option was the 400 Ram Air IV, ordered on just 55 coupes. All Trans Ams were Polar White with blue racing stripes, tail panel, and decals. The exclusive hood had functional air intakes which could be closed by the driver and functional fender scoops designed to vent the engine bay. A 60 inch rear foil (spoiler) was mounted on the trunk. Although the Trans Am was no faster than similarly equiped Firebirds, it represented the peak of Pontiac performance excitement.

Hardtop Coupe: 76,059
Convertible: 11,649
Trans Am Hardtop Coupe: 689
Trans Am Convertible: 8