Pontiac Firebird Part 3


Pontiac Firebird designed on the chassis of the Camaro, but this did not prevent engineers to create a unique image and the most tenacious Muscle Car. Air intakes on the sloping bonnet and rear lights like the GTO became a business card "Firebird." Sprint version has four-carburetor and 215 horsepower. Most buyers opted for V8 engines with a capacity of 250 mostly strength and volume of 326 cubic inches, with two-chamber carburetor or 285-Tee strong High Output version chetyrehkamernikami. But this was not the limit! Already in 1967 the very first Firebird was possible to put borrowed from the GTO 400 cid V8. He gave out 325 hp, came with a three-stage manual transmission. Were available, these "monsters" and with the option of Ram Air, which included enhanced valves, a sports camshaft and a decorative scoop on the hood.

In 1968 the exterior of Firebird underwent minor changes, but the power grew, like all Muscle Car this year. The standard 400-second engine added to the power and gave 335 hp, but with Ram Air and higher. In the middle of the year appeared Ram Air II capacity of 340 hp and a new, third 400-cid V8 High Output. 1969-The year brought some significant changes in the shape of Pontiac Firebird. Was heavily modified front of the machine - the chief redesign of the first generation. But these changes have not relished the potential buyers and the demand began to fall. The company has released an optional package is a limited edition - Trans Am Performance and Appearance Package, designed for SCCA racing with a special 303-cc engine V8.

In 1970 came the second generation Pontiac Firebird, more like a Camaro. There were a few special modifications: Espirit, which was equipped with the 350-meter motor V8, an outstanding 255 hp, Formula 400 co dual air intake, and 400-m V8 engine with 335 hp Top model was a Trans Am, which could put the Ram Air IV engine with polished valves and aluminum collector outstanding 370 hp In 1971, two new 455-x V8 engine capacity of 235 and 335 hp 455 High Output engine was only available for Firebird Trans Am. 1972-The year has been disastrous for the Firebird. Manual GM wanted to make a production model, as the market Muscle Cars disappeared. But two factors save: introduced a new engine Super Duty 455 V8 (SD-455), prepared for the legal street racing and a drawing of the Firebird in the whole hood on modifications of Trans Am.

1974-The year was even more difficult for the Pontiac Firebird. All V8 manned dual exhaust, but this was their last appearance on the Firebird. Last year was available and a 4-speed Muncie transmission and automatic transmission Turbo Hydra-matic 400. In the 1975 Firebird got a new headstock - the third in three years, and a new rear window, which improved visibility. Later, in the middle of the year, was submitted to 455 High Output, but it was only a 200-strong 455-th of the Pontiac Bonneville. 1976-the year was the last for the 455-X engine, and the first for the new body type - T-Tops. In the 1977 Firebird was completely clumsy lost "muscular" form, got square twin headlights and began to resemble the car "Batman." Technically, the model has ceased to be a Muscle Car in the early 1970's, well, this year has disappeared visual "muscle-style".